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Bethesda Cemetery is located at the intersection of I35W and Bethesda Road in Johnson County, just south of Burleson, Texas. It is located beside Bethesda Baptist Church, but it is no longer associated with the church. In 1977 Boyd L. Green copied the names of the graves in the cemetery. At that time there were 736 graves with legible head stones. Another 200 graves were marked by field stones or metal funeral markers and could not be copied. This record comes from his work, and the church graciously provided it to me. I hope that it will help someone find the location of family graves. More recent burials have not been included. Boyd Green said that he was certain there are some mistakes, but the information was correct to his best knowledge. I have not checked it, and I am relying completely on his work. He divided areas of the cemetery into sections. The names in each section are listed alphabetically. There is no universal listing here. Check each section and use your browser to check each page. I am also providing a map with links to each section. I have not listed burials added after the 1977 copy was made.



Map of Bethesda Cemetery

Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E

Section F

Section G

Pictures of Bethesda Cemetery and Church

Pastors of Bethesda Baptist Church 1855-Present


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