Arkansas Cemeteries

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Benton County

Butler Ford Cemetery

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Independence County

In 1994 and 1995, my cousin James Edward Daniel compiled information on a number of cemeteries in Independence County, Arkansas where he lived at the time. He agreed to share the files with me to see if we could put them on the Internet. He has included notes on numerous graves as well as the names and dates. There may be some mistakes we have made, and if so we apologize for them. We have no way to add more recent listings or verify the information further. Nevertheless, we hope that the information we do have will help someone. The listings are not in alphabetical order. Many times family members are listed next to each other. Please use the search function of your browser to find the names you want. If you need help finding a cemetery, you may want to check the United States Geological Survey site to locate it. Some of the families are Daniel, Simpson, Haddock, Fort, Lockamy, Scott, Carter, Hix, Wood, Rounds, Northern, and Gillmore.

Ball Cemetery

Barnett Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Center Grove Cemetery

Convenience Cemetery

Dorr Cemetery

Gray's Chapel Cemetery

Haddock Cemetery

Harvison Cemetery

Hickory Valley Cemetery

James Cemetery

Lee's Chapel

Liberty Cemetery

Mack Cemetery

McDonald Cemetery

McKinney Family Cemetery

Meacham Family Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Rawlings Cemetery

Rehobeth Cemetery

Stark Cemetery

Walnut Grove Cemetery

Ward Family Cemetery

Weaver's Chapel Cemetery

Wood Cemetery

Young Cemetery

Information Provided by Others

Oak Lawn Cemetery

Rutherford Cemetery

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