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Many years ago in 1911, one of William Daniel's descendants attempted to join the DAR. She questioned family members, and thirty years later she tried to interest her granddaughter. The little girl was not particularly interested, although she went with her grandmother to visit the family cemetery. Nevertheless, the grandmother wrote down family information on a yellow tablet and left it for her descendants.

In 1931 a group of family members got together and compiled their knowledge into what has since been referred to as "The 1931 Account."

In the 1960's several more descendants continued the research in earnest, and left a wealth of information for the rest of us. Among these researchers were Broyce McCormack, Chester McDonald, and Theophilus S. Daniel III. These were only a few of many.

After forty five years, the little girl, now grown, found her grandmother's tablet. One thing led to the other, and she got "hooked." After finding other family members and attending a Daniel family reunion, her work increased in size. In 1994, Connie Anderson, the aforementioned little girl, printed the book known as The Descendants of "Our Elusive" William Daniel.

In 1997, I met her at a Daniel family reunion in Athens, Texas. I was just beginning to develop the excitement of family research. I met a long lost first cousin once-removed named James Daniel. That is another long story you can read about if you look at the James Kirkpatrick Daniel information. Connie Anderson, James Daniel, and Randy Daniel freely shared their information with me. Connie let me copy her database. She hoped to revise her book and print a new one, but she also asked for help from someone who would take over the work. We corresponded and made corrections to my family. Little did any of us know that she would soon die of brain cancer.

Times have changed since she first printed her book. The Internet has grown, and made information readily accessible to all. Connie is no longer with us, but her work remains. She always wanted the information to grow so that "future researchers will not have to 'plow the same fields.' " This record is in response to her own wishes that her work continue. Much has been added, and much has been corrected. I am sure there are still many errors. Sometimes, I have had to make a judgment call as to what information to include. Then I have also had problems with computer programs that fail to do what I expect. This information is meant to only be a start. Please verify the information you use whenever possible.

I think you will enjoy the information as you see the good and the bad in our ancestors. We have some very good ancestors, and the inevitable "black sheep." Some stories read like a soap opera. Some will tear your heart out as you relive the sorrows our families lived through. But these ancestors have brought us to where we are today. They have their place in history, whether they be famous or seemingly obscure.

This database is dedicated to the memory of Connie Clifton Anderson and all the other researchers that have gone before.

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