Sources Used in the Notes for Beyond Our Elusive William Daniel

(These are only references mentioned in the notes. Please see other sources in the database for other items)

baroque rule


Annie Bell -Annie Bell (Story) Breckenridge

Ann - Ann McDonald, a McDonald Specialist

Broyce - Broyce McCormack

CCA - Connie Anderson

CEMcD, Chester, CEM, etc. - Chester E. McDonald

Eva - Eva McCormack, Broyce's mother

Hines - James Hines Daniel, son of Sidney Lomax Daniel

JGC - Joseph G. Cates, a Bozeman specialist

Kenna - a Kimes/ Melear specialist

Macy - Macy (Stewart) Gilbert, a Stewart expert

MDR or MFDR - Mary Francis (Daniel) Ringgold

RSD - Robert Stokes Daniel, Jr. (Elizabeth Daniel, Mrs. RSD, Jr.

SLD - Sidney Lomax Daniel

Randy - Walter Randy Daniel

TSD, Theo 3d, Theo S, III - Theophilus Smith Daniel III (he took a trip with Chester McDonald in June 1964 which was very productive)


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