Tales of Old

Mexia Cemetery

Located in the town of Mexia, Texas  

This is only a partial list that I made while visiting there.


Name  Date of Birth  Date of Death  Inscription  Location in Cemetery 
Mrs. D. E. Shanks  Dec. 28, 1838  Dec. 22, 1915  Mother  In line with maintenance cottage- in middle 
Georgia Wells Yarbrough  1887  1988    This was with the next monument 
W. H. Wells  1850  1926    Next to Diademia-Large Monument at the end says "Wells" 
William Gore  1866  1945  AT REST   
Ellen Gore  1879  1964  AT REST   
Lloyd A. Gore  Sept. 28, 1925  Dec. 25 1944  PVT 502 PRCHT INF 101 ABN DIV. WORLD WAR II   
WMG  no date    small stone like a foot stone, no dates  Next to M. E. Daniel 
V. G.    It and above marker were next to M. E. Daniel 
Louisea C. Daniel  1820  1870    Left of Leonard Daniel 
Leonard Daniel  Feb. 11, 1818  Mar. 6, 1902  Husband dear, take thy rest:
The summer flowers will bloom,
While you the purest and the best
Doth wither in the tomb.
Near Diademia, between Diademia and maintenance cottage 
M. E. Daniel  Oct. 24, 1847  May 25, 1931  Mother  before you get to L. Daniel, between him and maintenance cottage 
George D. Hardin  1897  1991  Hardin at top--names and dates at bottom   
Fannie P. Hardin  1895  1960  Wife left of husband   
G. A. Bowden  1859  1935  Left of Hardin   
H. G. Ruthven  1864  1904  Left of G. A. Bowden   
Ruth Bowden  June 28, 1875  Apr. 25, 1945  Left of H. G. Ruthven   
H. M. Lewis  Dec. 7, 1841  Apr. 13, 1915  AT REST  Left of Ruth Bowden, a space or two between 
Tabitha Lewis  Feb. 13, 1891  Nov. 22, 1919  On same marker as above  Next to H. M. Lewis-Same marker 
Etta W. Nielson  Dec. 18, 1873 Aug. 26, 1933  Nielson at top-names below, one marker for both husband and wife  Left of Wells plot 
Soren Nielson  Mar. 7, 1863  Feb. 7, 1949  same marker as above 
Hixey Caroline Nielson  Feb. 25, 1894  Feb. 9, 1917  Asleep In...(can't read the rest)  Next to Etta Nielson 
William Nelus Curry, Sr.  1894  1958  Husband of Hortense Doyle  Left of Hortense 
Hortense Doyle Curry  June 30, 1899  Sept. 25, 1990    Right of husband 
Chester Lee Terry  Dec. 19, 1918  Feb. 26, 1996  Shows wedding rings on double marker and the date Feb. 22, 1937  Back of cem. By back road 
Minnie Modene Terry  Jun. 2, 1919      (dual marker with husband) 
Edwin Ray Terry  Nov. 29, 1942  Aug. 19, 1962  (Picture) Darling we miss thee  Right of Minnie Terry 
      Edwin Ray Terry / Texas / Pvt. U. S. Army  At foot of above grave 
Sarah Barrett  1813  1892  Grandmother  Left of Brosia Waller, wife of W. Waller, Sarah & John Stitt beside them, & G. T. Stitt, all one plot 
Brosia Waller Oct. 29, 1887 Dec. 14, 1918 Wife of A. W. Waller See above
G. T. Stitt 1879 1933   See Sarah Barret notes
Sarah E. Stitt 1856 1929   On the same stone as John T. Stitt
John T. Stitt 1839 1892   On the same stone as Sarah E. Stitt
Jessie Oliphant Nov. 1, 1890 Sep. 15, 1893 Little Jessie Dau. of P. M. and Ella  
Helen Corley Feb. 25, 1870 Dec. 9, 1891 Wife of W. M. Corley  
Virginia Corley Aug. 7, 1878 Sep. 9, 1879 Little Virginia Dau. of D. J. & C. Corley  
Othello Bruce Corley Nov. 4, 1885 Mar. 30, 1886 Othello Bruce Son of D. J. & C. Corley The stone is broken and part of it is propped in front of the other
J. D. Bozeman Oct. 13, 1885 Jul 30, 1886   The stones for J. D. Bozeman matches that of J. E. Bozeman
J. E. Bozeman Apr. 8, 1853 Jan. 17, 1899   See above


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