baroque rule


Pull up a chair and sit by the fire.
I have a story to tell. It is a story of love undeserved.
It is the story of hope unending.
It is the story of a family.

 Fire Burning in Fireplace 

baroque rule  

This story began long ago.
It began before you or I were born.
It began in the beginnings of time.
It began with God who knew me before I was born and loved me.
He loved me and was sad
because He knew I would not always choose what was right.
He did not want anything to come between us.
But He could not have anything bad in his home.
So He decided on a plan that would take care of all problems.
He decided to provide a way for me to be as pure as He is.
There was only one way this could be done.
But it required a terrible price.


He would send his only Son.
Thereby He would make a way for others to come into His family.
This He did.
His Son came and lived a life just like ours.
He did not live as a king.
He did not live as a scholar.
He was born into the family of a carpenter.
He lived the life of a laborer.
He knew what it was to hurt, love, suffer loss, be poor.
In every way He was tested as we are.
But He did not do wrong.


He was like a light in the darkness.
He taught about his Father whom He knew personally.
He taught truth as it had never been heard before.
Many were amazed at his teaching,
and many believed. But there was more that had to be done.
We had to be made pure.
Someone had to take our punishment.
Someone Who had done nothing Himself
for which He needed to be punished.
Only then could we be clean.
Only then could we join the family of a pure God. Many did not like what He taught.
They conspired to put Him to death.
They thought that would bring His teaching to nothing.
They did not know that He willingly allowed it.
They did not know it was all part of the plan.
They put Him to death on that dark day.  


 He died, and He was buried.
But you will never find His grave in any cemetery.
He is not there.
After three days He rose up again, forever alive!
He rose like a seed from the ground.
From His death came life eternal for all who believe.
Now I am forgiven.
Now I am His adopted child.
I am a child of the King.
He wants more children.
The way has been provided.
He is waiting.
He does not force himself on you, but He longs to adopt you, too.


baroque rule

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