The Greer and Massey families both knew what it was to rule.
The records of these ancestors go back to the Dark Ages of Europe.
Come in and meet our ancient families,
the ones that go back into the mists of time.

Ancient Door

Fergus MorMacErc of Dalriada, the king of Scots
is believed to be the ancestor of the Greer family.
He took the throne in 490 A. D.
Aidan macGabhran of Argyll was consecrated as King of Scots
by his cousin St. Colomba.
This family also married into the Pictish royal family.
The Pictish people had a matrilineal family.
The kings were brothers of princesses
through whom the royal line passed.
These women married men such as Hugh III
and Hugh IV (known as "The Poisonous"),
and thereby two royal lines began to merge.
From this family descended kings, lords, and knights.
Many prominent names in the history of Scotland
were connected to this family that helped
to unite Scotland and win its freedom.
In 1674, James Greer, a son of this formerly royal family,
came to the colonies as an indentured servant
and began a new life.


Ancient Torch

The Massey family journeyed to England from France
about the time that William the Conqueror did--around 1066 or 1067.
Hamon de Masc
, Baron of Dunhum-Massey, is found in the Domesday Book.
This is a census taken in the early days after the Norman conquest.
This line included many barons and knights.
Finally, John Massey came to this country in 1635.
His great-grandson, William Massey,
became a leader in the formation of a new nation.
He established himself as a leader and a man of means.
In 1775, when a new nation was just beginning to be conceived,
he became a member of the second
Provincial Congress of South Carolina.
During the Revolutionary War he was a lieutenant colonel
and the Deputy Muster Master General of the new state.
Later he was captured and taken aboard a prison ship.

Allen E. (Alonzo) Massey married Susan Tillery Greer.
Thus, the two families joined and established a home in Mississippi.
Then war came and created havoc around them.


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