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War is painful.
Our family has suffered its effects
throughout the generations.
When it was needed the men fought.
The men fought,
and the women waited...
sometimes in vain.
Those who answered the call
to protect their countries and families
are too numerous to list them all here.

baroque rule


War was a way of life for the kings of Dalriada.
It was how they protected their thrones and families.
How did Hugh "the Poisonous" get his name?
Malcom Dominus de Macgregor
fought in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
As a result of this battle he was known as the "lame lord."
This was one of the greatest defeats the English ever suffered.
The Scots prepared camouflaged pits into which the British fell.
Pike men took care of the rest.
Ten thousand British soldiers were lost.
Nevertheless, Scotland was not given its independence until 1328.
This was only one battle fought by our Greer ancestors.

William de Mascy was another who not only fought but may have died.
It is believed that he went with Prince Edward on the last Crusade.
It is believed that he died of either illness or wounds.


Marcus Tollett died in July 1757.
He was killed by the Indians at Jackson River in the French and Indian War

The Revolutionary War also had many representatives from my family.
William Massey was the one who was best known.
He was a member of the second Provincial Congress of South Carolina in 1775.
He was also the Deputy Muster Master General for South Carolina
as well as a Lieutenant Colonel.
The British took him prisoner at Charleston,
and he spent the rest of the war on a prison ship.

Others in the family also served.
James Greer was a lieutenant in the militia of Bedford County, Virginia.
Some say believe that William Daniel served, but this is not documented at this time.
A Matthew Shanks served in the militia in South Carolina and lost a horse.
He may be our ancestor.
John Tollett served as a sergeant in Capt. Patton's Company.
Thanks to the sacrifices these and others made, we are a nation today.

Confederate Soldier

The Civil War took a great toll on our family
both in lives and property.

William Shanks went to war and left his young wife, Diademia, behind.
He never returned.
Family information says she never stopped waiting.
She refused marriage saying that one day he would return.

John Adams Daniel was 4th Lieutenant Co. H 59th Alabama Infantry.
He survived the battle of Hatcher's Run in which only eleven out of 390 members
remained to answer the roll call.
His brother and three cousins died there.
He was with Lee when he surrendered at Appomattox.

James Commodore Williams is reported to have served as a drummer boy. If he served, it was probably in the Union army.
Joseph Alexander joined a unit in Mississippi.

Fireworks and Flag

Then came World War II
John Adell and Frank Williams served aboard ship in the Navy.
The memories do not heal easily.

baroque rule

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